Throwback Tuesday!

Ceci est une entrevue que j'ai passé avec la jolie et talentueuse Lollita Dandoy. Cette entrevue date de l'année passée, juste après la présentation de ma collection automne hiver 2013. Je dirais que c'est la seule entrevue que je peux regarder du début à la fin, sans avoir trop honte de moi même haha!

Bonne semaine à tous!

-Xx Elise b.


Whats Next!?


Hi people! I am now entering a new chapter in my life! I am starting a class in business as of Monday and should have a legit business plan by the end of March! How exciting is this? I will also do my best to post more regularly, and continue showcasing my latest creations! I am excited to start 2014 on the right path! I also partnered up with Gabrielle she is going to take care of all the PR and what not =) we're going to make a great team! This is a little sneak peek of what I am working on at the moment. On my dressform you can see the materials that I will be using.
                                                             Inspiration: Lingerie wear
                                                                          -Xo Elise b.


Majorly inspired

Photos: Freda Salvadore/NastyGal/Rad Hourani/A.L.C/Boy/Balmain
. AH! Those shoes!! help me! I need them! Although I always tell myself color is great, I just  can't help it when it comes to black. There is just something about that color that is so clean and beautiful when a garment is crafted brilliantly. I stumbled upon a blog from Madison Moore that talks about the color black in such an interesting way. He explains it way better than I could ever express it. Take a look; http://thoughtcatalog.com/2010/black-color-dark-white-oak-time-death/.
Have a good evening everyone!

-xo Elise b.


White Cloud Blazer in the making ♥

Hello Lovelies, I'm making this white tailored blazer (as seen in the pictures) and I am debating on putting sleeves or no sleeves... I might just end up by making 2 blazers. One with, and one without. Thoughts anyone? The last picture here is from DylandLex (www.meandlex.blogspot.com) I'm a bit (more like tremendously!) obsessed with her jewelery! Could you imagine that necklace with this white blazer I'm making!? Euh...Amazing yes! Very inspiring.
Peace Out!
Elise b.


Spring inspiration

Now let me tell you, this has been bothering me for quite some time. Trying to find a way to continue blogging because I love it! And still be able to create seasonal collections!! I am not able to post my creations as I go on, but I can absolutely share with you my inspirations and a few sneak peeks (without giving to much away)! So here I goooo. The first picture up above is the mood board for my Elisebourque website photoshoot. Second picture is a sneak peek of a piece I am working on... and number 3 is Moi! Kissing you a good night lol (Cheeeeezy yikes!) But I do love you. 4 is fabric I like. Et voila!
-Xx Elise B.


Elisebourque Fall Winter 2013

Photography by Mathieu Allen

Hey Guys!!
Wow... so much has gone on since my last post! Usually I would work on an outfit and post it right after. But now,I can't reveal pieces from my collections before the collection is launched. Its a bit tricky because I can't update as often as I would like.

With that beeing said. I would love for you to tell me wich outfit is your favorite! =) . Feedbacks! Comments! anything!

Also, I am working on my website! so stay tuned =)



Yep! another jacket. I call this one the "Dress" Coat. It looks like an actual dress so it is very practical for wearing over a mini dress or mini skirt =) Oh Lucifer! (horse in the picture) such a funny fellow! He has his own little crazy personality! So Goofy!  He's my new found love♥


A wild heart but a loving soul

Photography: Mathieu Allen
Mercer wedge: NastyGal 
Necklace: Spell
I am back to posting! Yay! this is actually what I enjoy doing best. I decided to shoot this jacket, Love it! and I actually wear it! So practical! =) Mathieu took these photos at his dad's barn! I had so much fun, never been around so many horses in my life. They were quite the characters! They kept pushing me and trying to eat my boots! Haha. If your interested in the jacket, Holler at me in my Inbox!

-Xx Eliz


Its a wrap!

Photography by:  Petar Duvnjak ,Greg Kolz and André Bergeron
What a weekend!  It's unbelievable how amazing the staff was once again! Leah! Thank you so much for helping me get through this =) without you, my head would have exploded! My two volunteers who helped me SO MUCH! Mucho thank you. Greg Kolz, thank you for your beautiful pictures! Of course Gabrielle and Hussein, you guys are pure geniuses! Sylvie Prud'Homme, holey girl you know how to do some hair! And last but not least Michel, thank you for keeping me company during that stressful day =). I can't believe it's all over! Even though I never had as much mixed emotions in one day! It was all worth it and I would do it all over again in a heart beat! Thank you to everybody who came out to support me! Very appreciated! Lets see what is next in store for Elizbourk! Stay tuned ;)


Ottawa Fashion Week!

Hello everybody! I am very pleased to announce that I am going to be presenting
my Fall/winter collection at the Westin Hotel downtown Ottawa on February 18th
at 8:30pm! This is very exciting. I hope to see all of your pretty faces there!
You can click Here If you would like to purchase tickets! Less than 2 weeks to go! Yiih!!