Whats Next!?


Hi people! I am now entering a new chapter in my life! I am starting a class in business as of Monday and should have a legit business plan by the end of March! How exciting is this? I will also do my best to post more regularly, and continue showcasing my latest creations! I am excited to start 2014 on the right path! I also partnered up with Gabrielle she is going to take care of all the PR and what not =) we're going to make a great team! This is a little sneak peek of what I am working on at the moment. On my dressform you can see the materials that I will be using.
                                                             Inspiration: Lingerie wear
                                                                          -Xo Elise b.


  1. Good luck! I know the feeling of being a designer, having dreams and trying to put out the stuff out there,

    1. Thank you! very hard to do...hope your dreams do come true! =)

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